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Nov. 16th, 2009



depression is a mere illusion.
but is our existence & everything we believe to see?

Sep. 24th, 2009


The day I see this...


"The Majority"...The nicer word for stereotyping..maybe even more sophisticated...

On the topic, the meaning of inspiration.

"As we can see, the dimensions of the word are severely limited. There is no reference to divine influence, which can change people’s lives. The reason is very simple: Albania was officially declared an atheist state in 1967, when the regime abolished religion and began persecuting believers, executing Christian and Muslim clergy."
-Anton B. Fistani

"It is true, that we are living in a century in which we need to look back in times in order to discover the meaning of a true inspiration. And today, can we be so harsh as to state that this noble phenomenon of mind and spirit of humanity is inclining more and more toward the facets of materialistic “inspiration” or better saying is going near the threshold of its extinction? “

Does anyone else agree with this?? Its not even pessimistic to say such things about the human race because its scientifically proven now with millions and millions of studies and researches!

Sep. 16th, 2009


Cyber 773

The Examiner, September 2, 2009


The internet this past weekend was filled with articles and comments regarding what has become known as the "Rockefeller-Snowe" bill. This bill, identified in the Senate as S. 773, relates to Cyber-Security for the United States Government. Its intent is to allow for the creation of a uniformed set of cyber-security standards, enforcement and enforcement means, public education, cyber-security worker recruitment processes, and presidential authority in times of Cyber-Emergency.

The author of this article has taken the time to read the text of Senate Bill 773. As legislative documents go, this Bill is relatively short - only 55 pages in length. For the most part, the Bill makes a lot of sense. It begins with a series of background and justifications for the existence of such a statute and moves into the meat-n-potatoes of the subject. And, for the most part, the legislative piece has some very good provisions that range from uniformed government standards for cyber-security to scholarships for aspiring cyber-security students. However, there is indeed a provision in the act that deserves the alarm that has been raised over the weekend.

The problem comes in the Bill’s language found in Sections 18(2), 18(3), 18(6), and 23(3)(b). In these sections and sub-sections the Bill provides the President of the United States with the authority to shut-off or limit the internet traffic for all systems in the National, State, local, and NON-GOVERNMENTAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS in times where he/she has declared a "Cyber-Emergency." The use of the term "Non-Governmental information systems" is what has drawn so much fire from the public and numerous civil liberties organizations.

More Information??
From Open Congress: http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-s773/showCnet Report: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-10320096-38.html

Switching Over!

I am going to be using this livejournal insteads of xylophokat because I need to stop starting over & learn to be okay with my now. ^_^ Taoism, ftw!!
I've met this amazing girl named Alex & its about damn time I found a female friend that wasnt full of drama! I cant wait to start my store w/ her, make leg warmers, and allthose fun activities. Last night we decided we wanted to rollerblade to Kroger to get some cokes....at 2am. ^__^ It was wayy too much fun & I suck at rollerblading. XD Thought I would share that because I am lucky to have found her & I look forward to becoming even greater friends. Life is getting better.

P.S I love you JohnnyB! Ready for some nerd sexy pictures?! Alex is going to take some for me but want to know your ideas. ;]

P.P.S. I want dis one!

(no subject)

hmmm...this is some very interesting reading...OH LOOK my castle music box!
-The Gaint

Sep. 4th, 2009

I wish I was playing in it when it happened....

Heres our car damn near under the water on August 4th. Think thats bad? Pure Madness.

I'm already thinking of my future...My 2010 year is going to be amazing, challenging, and busy!

1. Possibly get the hell out of the city...Try to find somewhere around Elizabeth Town/Shepardsville to attend college for the time being...I hate the fast paced lifestyle...I can't seem to get anything done and my concentration is fading more and more everyday.

2. Have an active member base of 20 people in Growing Louisville Green. I have a feeling this is going to take off now that I met Joseph! ^_^

3. Find sincere friends that are into the electronic scene or dance about 60 miles radius of me...I want to spend time with someone worth it & maintain that friendship for a lifetime. *crosses toes*

4. Engage in Eastern spirituality and/or philosophy by visiting Buddhist, Taoist, or Hindu temples..wherever this might take me, I NEEDthis void filled.

May. 7th, 2009



the day i find genuine friendship(s) within a genuine individual(s)..a family system within friends..people I could spend nearly all my time with, making music, creating magical videos, dancing in the allure of conservation..learning, teaching, listening, being a part of life & loving every minute of it...no question of the sincerity, pure...nothing hidden, completely open...
will be the day i can feel and say, i have lived a very satisfying, fulfilled life, to feel the serenity of not being alone, the warming comfort of another close to you, the empowerment of harmony & unification.. my emotions will finally find common ground.. the answer to my life balancer, my lifelong stability. not within just a person, but a higher than consciousness feeling that comes along with it...a feeling of freedom, openness, unity, self exploration, the feeling of being a child again, when there was no corruption.but still keeping all we have acquired through hardships..an intense, impacted understanding of human beings..to the point of perhaps, chivalry....or dare i say it...humility.
why is this so impossible to find? to achieve? does it exist outside of the cosmos? i would die to have friends like raja ram, michele adamson, or simon posford...i read their blogs, comments to one another, and wish i had connections like they all have together..its a beautiful bond, its truly divine..maybe one day i will find my true friends whom i can roam with to share the amazing experiences of life
til then...i will remain hopeful,loyal, alone,compassionate and how everyone else would define it: naive.


"Closed my eyes and fell awake,two multi coloured coral snakes intertwined,like DNA strands,and look"d at me ,and asked why i was afraid,?a zillion suns shone thru a small peephole,exposing a ball of coloured string,the secret of immortality?in a nutshel,in fact a walnut looks like a brain,/cleaning ones carbon prints and sooty hands,we feel the love one has for ones child,ones friends and family,and treasure these beatific jewels,living in the moment and dying for the truth,the mirror shows only one side/,however if you walk backwards thru the cosmic reflection/,one finds oneself in Mondo Bizzaro land....with too much luggage and not enough experience./...when shall we learn? when shall that blessed day of realisation come /, we are rowing our boat...gently down the stream....our consciousness is like a propeller,guiding us,across the invisible,to the understandable/we must Rock hard.///...while there is time../..and I salute our brothers and sisters along the way........ in our small cosmic comic family..//....see you soooooon........Raj"

May. 4th, 2009


Livejournal as a Education/Professional Journal

List for the Sumer 2009:
IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification) Computer Exam* http://www.certiport.com/
Where to take it?
Jefferson Community and Technical College 101 East Broadway

The Community @ eMain Van Hoose Ed Center, School to Career Office
3332 Newburg Road
Louisville Kentucky 40218
Voice: 502 6193132

Apply + Look for Grants @ http://www.grants.gov/ !
Sign up for Summer/Fall Classes @ JCTCS.</b>

Apr. 19th, 2009


Louisville Psychiatrist

Hello Louisville! I am looking for a new psychiatrist in the area that would be recommended...My doctor suddenly took a year vacation and have been searching (with no luck) to find a doctor who specializes in ADHD/ADD/cognitive and behavior therapy..Its been hell trying to get my medicine, and my primary doctor will only write me a few scrips due to the fact he knows nothing about psychology (which is understandable).
I want to find a doctor who actually cares my well being, listens to his patients and believes in temporary medicinal treatment. I'd be forever grateful if someone could refer me to a good office that isn't U of L related. For personal reasons, I rather not affliate with them..My ideal doctor would be an independent doctor that thinks alternatively and out of the box. Thanks in advance!

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