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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned 2010-2012


your thoughts influence your emotions

networking is vital for professional & social success

the best outcomes with other people is when you commit to treating them as the person they ultimately want to become

thinking win-win is highly effective

excessive drug usage will swallow your individuality and deny of you any freedom

sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water, its all a matter of your personal perception

all humans have free will regardless of what they say

Brian has the biggest heart out of anyone I’ve ever known, truly selfless

out of all my friends, Joel influenced, inspired, taught, and supported me the most

your strongest opinions are always able to change, the more knowledgeable you are on that subject

never rely solely on ONE personality, if you can help it...never rely on anyone but yourself.

90% of earths population is codependent one way or another

I fall easily into dependency upon another individuality

the majority ruling class will always have the upper hand in our society

it takes time, mutual persistence, and consistent support to build meaningful relationships/friendships

over engaging in pleasure has a high price to pay

everything is always changing, change is eternal

Time apart from your loved ones seems to be extremely beneficial

as much as id like to rely on my intuition only, it is foolish to do so

I don’t laugh nearly enough

you can never laugh too much

over engaging in one area of your life, denying the other important parts proper time & attention; will eventually lead to depression

dancing is my ultimate therapy and means of expression

always be open to changing your point of view

you have control over three things: your thoughts (think), your behavior (behave), and what you say.

to effectively make changes we must realize these gifts we possess as the most powerful tools in the our process in shaping the form of our own lives.

Learning to become consistently mindful solves many OF my everyday issues naturally; it allows me to challenge myself and progress as an individual and overcome anxiety inside of that state of mind.

Love is my most important value.

Cognitive therapy has been a god send. It constantly helps me with my feelings.