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Lets play, talk to an essay! Thats how lame my friend base is right now,

"But with all these rules you will become just a person amongst the other thousands, millions, billions. You will lose your personality, you will loose your individuality, you will be like a drop of water in the ocean. So this world models you after its needs and teach you what to wish, what to enjoy how to live. They systematically fill you with information that you must accept and use. You loose your liberty of choice.

If, for example they show you a very nice vehicle you will begin to desire it if you are an automobile fan. But why you want it? You think you have been wanted something for what you wouldn't have previously prepared for? You will want that car because they told you lots of things of it, speed, power horses and lots of facts which certify that is one of the best cars from the world. And because people think that is a very great car and you want people to look at it and admire it. But the world made the prerequisites for you to want that car. It is not your personal wish. It's not you, the inner you who want that, it's the person that the world created. The world modeled you after it, society transformed you want things that in other conditions you would not want.

But beneath this you may want that wonderful car because you want something different, something that is not so common and most people don't have it. Here there is a contradiction between the human being and the society. One time the world, the society integrates you and helps you live in comfort among other people, have a decent life and in the other hand society estrange you from yourself, from your wishes from your winner world. You will lose your originality, your personality, your uniqueness, your perspective, your inner world and imagination, and most of all, you'll loose your creativity.

While living in society is very comfortable and easy, in the same time is a life which can't give you a real happiness and liberty. You must be conscious about you that society is just a need but it does not offer you a complete life."
(Trif Bogdan)


What a great resource!