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Oscillated Naturalist

Who stole the keishaka from the butcher shop?

aura flourishes through the pixels
16 April
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23 yr old living in the subculture world of electronic music parties & attempting to live the average persons' college based lifestyle...

Music is a state of mind..a way of life....an essence of time..the dj spins time goes by ...and all you do is learn to fly...on the wings of the beat and the drop of the bass....the build up of the mix is in your face.. in your heart.. and in your mind....and now you have no sense of time ..life around you ceases to exsist ..till a mellow heart puts you in bliss.... as a friend joins you on the floor ...and suddenly all these open doors.....bass line.. harmony...low tone...whatyll it be.... to put this build up over the top... the next bar drops and you feel at ease..your body moves like fluid through tubes.... as your mind expands and you start to groove....that is a feeling that every raver has the right to and nobody can take away...
Be Wiser.